Escape Games

Discover Our Escape Room Adventures

Each “boomtown” themed adventure is packed full of unique puzzles that will keep both first timers and experienced enthusiasts on their toes! As an added bonus, you’ll walk away knowing a little more about the local history of Georgetown, Texas and Williamson County.

The standard Boomtown escape is 48 minutes long. The entire experience is 60-75 minutes, which includes an introduction, 48 minutes to try to escape, a debrief at the end, and a photo opportunity. Every group will have a dedicated Game Master to guide you along the way while you are in the escape room.

The Saloon Escape Room Experience

(2-6 Players)

During your long journey up the Chisholm Trail, you stop for refreshment and some company at the local saloon. The locals are short on entertainment and like to play tricks on those poor souls who are just passing through. The barkeep has locked you in the saloon and will watch as you solve puzzles to earn your way out.

The Schoolhouse Escape Room Experience

(2-6 Players)

Your teacher is hard as nails and refuses to let her class go home for the weekend until every task is complete. Your house is 3 miles away, and you don’t want to miss your ride on the buggy. Get your work done quickly so that you can get a jump on the weekend!

The Loot Tabletop Game

(2-6 Players)

On the run from a string of train robberies, you and your partner have split up. When you got back to camp, you discover him dead - hung from a tree! The stolen money is locked up and the code to get it died with him. You have to find it before whoever killed your buddy returns for you.

The Square Search

(Georgetown Scavenger Hunt)

Georgetown boasts the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas, and we invite you to participate in our Square Search to locate historical markers and statues to learn more about our history. You’ll gather names, dates, and facts and then come back to the Boomtown Lounge to use that information to “break in” to a box and find a prize.

The Social

(Special Events)

There’s no better way to connect with others than through fun and play. Click “Book Now” to get complete details on the various events we have planned, including small group games (dice, dominoes, cards, etc.) and historical entertainment (movie, trivia, tours). Grab your friends or family and head to Boomtown for a great time!

The Speakeasy

(2 Hour Party)

Step back in time to the Prohibition Era and work as a team to find the snitch during an entertaining 2-hour party. Gather a few friends and plan for friendly competition and a fun night creating memories together at The Speakeasy.

The Railcar Escape Room Experience

Coming Soon!