Our Lounge

At Boomtown Escape Games, we want you to feel right at home in our Lounge. Grab a drink and a strategy game or puzzle to enjoy with others!

 The 360 square foot space easily accommodates 20-30 people, with comfortable seating around tables. We offer classic board games like chess and checkers, along with dominoes, dice, playing cards, brain teasers, puzzles, and mini escape games.

Special Events and Theme Nights

We will periodically host fee-based special events, such as poker tournaments and bunco parties. These will be announced on our Facebook page. You can also look forward to our Prohibition Nights when we open up the Speakeasy and race to figure out who’s the snitch! These special events can be organized at our location or yours, so contact us today for details.

The Lounge is available for private events during the week, whether or not they are related to our escape rooms. Inquiries about availability or pricing can be emailed to info@boomtownescapes.com.

The Social

(Special Events)

There’s no better way to connect with others than through fun and play. Click “Book Now” to get complete details on the various events we have planned, including small group games (dice, dominoes, cards, etc.), edutainment (play and learn) and good old fashion fun (movie, trivia, tours). Grab your friends or family and head to Boomtown for a great time!