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Offsite Games

Let Us Bring the Fun to You!

Our offsite games are designed to scale, meaning that we can accommodate much larger groups than at our Georgetown location. You’ll enjoy a truly memorable experience at a location of your choice.

We can provide recommendations for locations and add a photo booth too! Contact us for a custom proposal.

The Speakeasy

(2-Hour Party for 20+ People)

Step back in time to the Prohibition Era and work as a team to find the snitch during an entertaining 2-hour party. Gather a few of your friends and plan for friendly competition and a fun night creating memories together at The Speakeasy. Pricing starts at $1000.

The Games

(Special Event)

There's no better way to connect with others than through fun and play. Let us bring the fun to you! Choose from our Game Library and have a Game Master to help guide the group through classic, competitive, or cooperative games.

The Loot

(15 minute game for 2-4 Players)

On the run from a string of train robberies, you and your partner have split up. When you got back to camp, you discover him dead - hung from a tree!

The stolen money is locked up and the code to get it died with him. You have to find it before whoever killed your buddy returns for you.

The Schoolhouse – Tough Enough

(2-6 Players)

Your teacher is hard as nails and refuses to let her class go home for the weekend until every task is complete. Your house is 3 miles away, and you don’t want to miss your ride on the buggy.

Get your work done quickly so that you can get a jump on the weekend!

The Treasure

(30 minute game for 2-6 Players)

You have stumbled across a deserted pirate camp. A few small treasures have been left behind but you know there has to be more – maybe even a map to buried treasure somewhere on the island!

Can you find the map before someone else finds you and forces you to share the treasure?

group of people smiling while participating on a Boomtown sights portable game

The Sights


This photo scavenger hunt is great way to enjoy the Square on a beautiful day!

We provide clues to finding some of our favorite sights downtown, and you can win a prize by checking in and tagging your photos #GTXsquaresights.