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Team Building

Team-Building Events in Georgetown, Texas

Memorable moments are EPIC: Moments of Elevation, Pride, Insight, and Connection can create memories that last and results that propel you forward. Escape rooms can provide an unequaled opportunity to create a shared experience that is safe, productive, and challenging enough to test limits.

Enhance your group’s creativity and communication with a customized team-building session. Our sessions are ideal for various types of organizations because they emphasize key skills that make teams more successful. Our facilitators will provide an extended debrief of the escape experience along with a 30-60 minute training that is tailored to your needs and objectives.

Pricing ranges from $25 – $75 per person depending on the option(s) selected. This fee includes an escape and a 30-90 minutes customized session.

Additionally, if you’d like to stay in the same facility for the duration of your meeting, our private meeting space is available for rent at a rate of $100 per hour on weekdays.

Contact us today for a consultation and proposal.